Moving Equipment

Plates, Ramps & Walkboards


These dock plates provide positive positioning between dock and truck..

Aluminum Steel

Curb Ramps

These curb ramps are lightweight, portable and easy to handle. Sides prevent running off the ramp.

Aluminum Plastic
27" x 27" 27" x 27"

Walkboards - Aluminum

Lightweight, high-strength precision-engineered electronic walkboards offer safe, smooth ground-to-van access. Exclusive MIG welding provides greater strength and shock resistance, eliminating the need for center supports. Ramp deflection only 1/2" under full load! The special saf-t-walk tread design will retain its anti-slip properties even after considerable wear.

Split Auto-Loaders Single
10 x 38AL 12 x 38AL 14 x 38AL 16 x 38AL 8 x 30 10 x 30 12 x 30 14 x 30 Custom sizes available

Walkboards - Fiberglass

The auto loader is most popular ramp with movers because it can be used as a single 36-inch-wide ramp for loading household goods. Use the two 18-inch-wide halves separated for loading autos.

Split Auto-Loaders
6' x 36"AL 7' 1/2" x 30"AL 10' x 38"AL 12' x 38"AL 14' x 38"AL 16' x 38"AL
6' x 36" 8' x 36" 10' x 30" 12' x 30" 14' x 30" Custom sizes available

Walkboards - Wooden

The wooden walkboards are ideal for light-duty appliance and furniture moving. Platform surface is entirely covered with a non-skid coating for sure footing and instant traction.

4' 1/2" x 30" 5' 1/2" x 30" 7' 1/2" x 30" 8' 1/2" x 30" 9' 1/2" x 30"

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